Fraunhofer IGD and University Rostock

The University of Rostock and the Fraunhofer IGD work in close collaboration at their joint “Visual Computing Research and Innovation Center” (VCRIC). The center focusses on both foundational research and application-oriented research and development in the field of visual data processing and model-based information technology.

Within the SEBA project, VCRIC’s scope is the pattern recognition and stress level classification from sensor data, as well as their substantiation with psychological models to explain causality.


Working in close partnership with the industry, Hahn-Schickard provides innovative products and technologies in the areas of sensors and actuators, system integration, cyber-physical systems, communication technology, software development, lab-on-a-chip and analytics, microelectronics, mounting and connection technology, micromounting, and reliability. Our services include the production of small and medium-sized series, as well as the transition to mass production.

Hahn-Schickard identifies suitable sensors and sensor components for the SEBA-System based on the defined target measurement parameters, supports the project partners with implementation of the communication interface and firmware as well as evaluation of the power requirements.

Hamburg Applications

Hamburg Applications develops applications in the field of prevention & theraphy including their own hardware platform technologies.

Hamburg Applications is the coordinator of SEBA and responsible for the hardware and firmware development.

Healthcare X.0®

Digitisation has revolutionised medicine and the healthcare sector – but the challenge is to keep track of all the data from different systems. Healthcare X.0® packages patient data into a digital patient file, illustrates the progress of a course of treatment and enables professional communication with other health specialists.

The medical profession is focused on people and their desire to be healthy. Our software provides everything medical staff need to concentrate on making people healthy.

In the SEBA project, Healthcare X.0® deals with the connection of the hardware to the specially developed software as well as the development of new interaction and visualisation concepts for mental stress data on mobile and stationary systems.