Sensor-based Assessment System

for Psychological Stress at the Workplace

The Challenge

How can we know that the lamplight flickers when we do not consciously perceive it? How can we know if our body really relaxes during the break? And what is causing us more stress, physical work or mental tasks?

Up until now, the analysis of mental workload consisted of a series of checklists, questionnaires, interviews or group discussions, where the information gathered is completely subjective and, as a consequence, often distorted.

Our Solution

SEBA measures the stress of a worker at the workplace objectively, meaning free of distortions. Possible causes of the stress are also assessed. This includes manifold relevant environmental parameters, such as noise, light conditions, or air quality.

The sensor unit is a headband because it can contain sensors for measuring both the environmental parameters and vital signs. By attaching the sensor unit to the head, not only can SEBA collect pulse, movement and sweat, but – in contrast to smartwatches or chest straps – also the blink rate and brain activity, for example.

Critical states are visualized and fed back to the users unobtrusively, so that they can intervene and reduce their stress. In addition, the employer will be provided with information on the environmental parameters so that a remedy can be provided (for example, changing the lamps in case of flickering light). Particular attention is paid to the consideration of privacy and personal rights of employees. 


The SEBA hardware offers data processing on system with artificial intelligence to determine the stress level and deliver proper notifications. It is a comfortable wearable headband with 360° sensor capabilities; it is able to monitor 9 Bio-parameters and 8 Environmental-parameters. The data can be stored encrypted on the internal memory or can be transmitted on real time via WLAN or Bluetooth. Additional acoustic-, vibration or on display-feedback can be enabled for user interaction without the computer.



With special consideration to the user experience, the Software which is specifically developed for the SEBA project, gives the user the possibility to view his recorded data live in the SEBA App, where he can get an overview of the activities and reactions of his body to his working environment.

Furthermore, the user is unobtrusively informed about critical conditions in order to consciously counteract them as soon as they occur.

The SEBA web interface offers a third person, for example a person with medical expertise, the possibility to get insight into the data of their employees where he can evaluate them and start working together with the user to avoid stress situations before they occur.

Target Groups

The system allows employers to perform a workplace risk analysis (which is required by law in many countries including Germany) and users to analyze and react to critical conditions. This opens up potential for private individuals, workers, employers, employers’ liability insurance companies and health insurance companies alike.